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Fidelity Financial Advisor Solutions provides a full range of asset management, proprietary research, retirement planning, and investment products to individual investors, institutions and their advisors.

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*This site is intended for individuals who manage their workplace retirement plans or other benefits through Fidelity, however, the tools, guidance, and educational materials on these sites may be helpful to others as well.


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The Fidelity Advisor 529 Plan is offered by the state of New Hampshire and managed by Fidelity Investments. If you or the designated beneficiary are not a New Hampshire resident, you may want to consider, before investing, whether your or the designated beneficiary's home state offers its residents a plan with alternate state tax advantages or benefits.
Before investing, consider the plans', mutual funds', or exchange traded products' investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Contact Fidelity or visit for an offering statement, prospectus, or summary prospectus, if available, containing this information. Read it carefully.
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