Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse Survey*

In Q3 2015, portfolio management surged in importance for financial advisors, with nearly one-third of survey respondents citing it as an area of focus last quarter. The theme took the No. 1 spot among hot topics for advisors, up from No. 2 in Q2.

Q3 2015 Survey Results

#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Yield and Income Fixed-Income Q2 2015 Q3 2015 Market Volatility Portfolio Management Interest Rates 5 % 10 % 14 % 14 % 15 % 23 % 25 % 33 % 16 % 26 %

What Advisors Are Focused On

“How to preserve principal butachieve reasonable returns”“How to positionthe portfolio”“Potentially rising interest rates andimpact on clients’ bond portfolios”“Navigating extremelyvolatile markets”“Preparing for a morechallenging marketenvironment”“Diversifying clientportfolios”“Managing fixed-incomein a possible rising rateenvironment”

About the results

The increased attention on portfolio management was driven in large part by greater market volatility over recent months. Advisors are looking to help investor clients preserve their assets while ensuring that their portfolios continue to generate healthy returns. With almost one-quarter of the advisors surveyed focused on managing their clients' emotions and expectations through an uncertain environment, market volatility was ranked No. 2 in Q3, up from No. 3 in the previous quarter. Interest rates, fixed-income, and finding yield made up the rest of the top five top-of-mind themes for advisors.

Top Five Q3 2015 Topics

  • 1

    Portfolio Management

  • 2

    Market Volatility

  • 3

    Interest Rates

  • 4


  • 5

    Yield and Income

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