Fidelity Advisor Investment Pulse Survey*

In Q4 2015, one-quarter of the advisors surveyed said portfolio management – which also took the No. 1 spot in Q3 – was an area of concern. Over the course of the second half of last year, portfolio management was more frequently cited as an area of focus than any other theme.

Q4 2015 Survey Results

#1#2#3#4#5Government &EconomyIncomeYield andQ3 2015Q4 2015InterestRatesPortfolioManagementMarketVolatility6%12%13%10%16%19%33%25%19%23%

What Advisors Are Focused On

“The affect of interest rateson client portfolios”“Retirement incomeplanning for retirees”“Managing client expectationsduring periods of market volatility”“Minimizing marketdownturns”“Rising interest rates”“Portfolio management incurrent market conditions”

About the results

Portfolio management remained top-of-mind for financial advisors in Q4 2015. Framing portfolio discussions using the tactical, cyclical, and secular lenses may help advisors develop a disciplined and differentiated approach to portfolio management.

Survey results also showed that interest rates, market volatility, finding yield, and changes in the regulatory and macroeconomic environment continued to be important in the last quarter.

Top Five Q4 2015 Topics

  • 1

    Portfolio Management

  • 2

    Interest Rates

  • 3

    Market Volatility

  • 4

    Yield and Income

  • 5

    Government and Economy

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Fidelity offers a range of insights that can help advisors navigate a new era in portfolio management – focusing on both the near- and long-term environments.


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